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Similarly to Richard Stallman, Anton McClure likes computers, music and butterflies---among other things.

 [Image of Anton McClure] (jpeg 4.0k) (jpeg 44k) There is also the original low-quality downscaled version of the image that was on my old home page (jpeg 16k).

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Hello. My name is Anton McClure. I am currently studying for a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems at the College of Engineering and Polymer Science. I am a free software developer with the GNU project. More information about free software and the free software movement may be found at That is all for now.

Here is my contact information, things to consider before you contact me, along with common reasons for why I'm not answering your e-mail.

Professionals may be interested in my professional biography and Curriculum Vitæ.

I also administer the coco server for e-mail, file, and NTP services, along with the lambda server for some web, additional e-mail, VPN and various other services.

Personal interests

Religion, More religion, University, Coco Bean (may she rest in peace), Politics, Physics, Math, Technologies, Computers, Space, Chess, Cats, FabRadio, Trisquel GNU/Linux.

Humorous things

If you are interested, or just frequently bored, here are some puns, haiku, and poetry I have written over the years.

Artistic things

A photo gallery.

Literary work

My stories for The Life Outside Known Space: "The Ultimate Sacrifice"

Useful resources

My technology support articles, e-mail addresses not to send anything to, phonetic alphabet, things for breaking DRM on HD-DVDs, a JavaScript-free Fridays for Future global events, GNU GNUtrition user's manual (mirror).

My LaTeX templates for documents and document with the fullpage package.

Catholic resources

The Preparatory Prayers at the Foot of the Altar. The Nicene Creed in Latin. An English translation of John 1:1-14.

Possibly interesting resources

Here are also some details about my computing info and IDKWIJLS "PT".

A text box that lets you copy and paste a zero-width space.

Thoughts and theories

My thoughts and theories on a Rock-Paper-Scissors replacement and time travel being a world readable/writable directory.


Select undergraduate papers and other works.

Home pages of people I know

(This is not a complete list.) If you know me and would like to be added to this list, e-mail me.

In my free time

During my free time, I like working on projects, playing various games, chatting, making and publishing music, biking, listening to shortwave radio, using slow-scan television, trying new things, volunteering for good people and/or causes, writing stories, and more.
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