Here be haiku, and maybe dragons.

[ New haiku are added at the bottom of this list. ]

From the puns page introduction:
Paragraph's for fun,
but it's indeed not a pun.
It's just a haiku.

First five syllables,
Second seven syllables,
Third five syllables.

Four Doors:
Four paths you could take,
open doors, may be mistake,
choices make the difference.

Overwhelming Realm:
Entered their realm,
a place which will overwhelm,
you're not at the helm!

Eternal haiku writing:
When you start writing,
creativity flowing,
forever haiku.

Red Dragon:
Behold, the dragon,
known by an evil title:
the "tax evader"!

Defense of the Battle Turnip's Holder:
I'm going to melt,
so with this turnip, I'll pelt,
revenge shall be dealt.

Next university term
The next term begun
on August 22nd.
I wish you good luck!

Install Gentoo
After logging in
I reboot the devices,
and install Gentoo.

The falcon
Falcon leaves her cage,
but you refused to witness,
so she punches you.

The neurotoxin
You should not be here.
Since you're here, I will prepare
the neurotoxin.

Say "Apple"
I wanted you to
simply say the word "apple",
but instead, you jumped.

Gentoo Everywhere
Every smart device
from light bulbs to reactors
all now run Gentoo.

Lusername not found
Why did you call us?
I looked for that username.
It does not exist.

The Paradox
"This sentence is false."
I heard it, and thought a bit.
I will go with: "true".

The Black Forest Cake
After the test ends,
we will be having a cake,
after you are baked.

The budget cuts
Due to budget cuts,
the Internet will shut down
for most of the night.

The rewording of the haiku
Better ideas come
to replace what was once there.
The cake haiku's changed.

The restoration of the web sites
The web pages, now,
restored with their older form,
are back on Presumed.

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