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I'm a maintainer of some of the software in the GNU operating system. License information is available in the respective program's home page. I have also done some other non-software volunteering for GNU in the past.

The GNUtrition nutritional analysis software. (local copy)

For installation instructions, please see the program's INSTALL file.

For more information about the GNU project and OS, please see:

Free software is software that comes with essential freedom as opposed to no cost. It essentially means that everyone can have access to the source code (what is needed to actually create and develop the program) and the rights to use, study, modify, give, or sell copies.

Free software is even more important now, thanks to attempts to make nonfree software required in order to accomplish simple tasks such as University courses, even though it is still possible to graduate without using nonfree software, as demonstrated by Wojciech Kosior. I plan on doing this myself at some point soon.

"Linux" is not an operating system, it is only a kernel and nothing more. "GNU/Linux" is the operating system. Please remember to call the operating system by its real name.

Since 2021, I have written a series of free software scripts to automate various processes. These include implementations of random ideas, and scripts to automate things that I needed to get done at some time. Nothing here is particularly useful at the moment, but there is still likely some value in the software.

Contributing to my software projects.

My free software:

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