My GPG Key

I do not use or trust key servers. I've also been told that there are both old keys as well as fake keys on some key servers claiming to be mine. Here is information about the GPG keys that are really mine:

Current key

pub 4096R/95FD6FE1D0541BD8 2023-11-10 Key fingerprint = 8312 F543 21EC 90F4 59C6 A63F 95FD 6FE1 D054 1BD8 uid Anton McClure <> sub 4096R/2E51563240BAC0A8 2023-11-10

As also pointed out by Richard Stallman: "of course, to be really sure which key is mine, you need to get my key fingerprint from me or follow a chain of signatures. If a phony key appears to be signed by someone you trust, you should see what's up with that person."

Additionally, if you want to send me encrypted messages or recieve encrypted responses, you must send me your key since I will not use a key server to retrieve it. I do not promise to keep it permanently if we do not talk often either.

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Last updated: Fri Feb 23 10:15:38 EST 2024